Billboard Printing Charges In Kenya

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Standing out by advertising using billboards is key marketing input with most businesses’ in Kenya. A high impact, full colour billboard printing is the ideal way to target the customers in Nairobi. Billboard advertising can be highly effective if you are looking to launch a new service or product, build awareness about your services or promote your next forthcoming event, show or open day.

Printing Charges In Kenya

The most common type is the potrait of dimension 12M by 10M and printing charges are Ksh 500 to Ksh 800 per meter. There is a high number of billboard ads along different highways within Nairobi and also within the CBD. Most of these billboards are located in high traffic areas where they will be noticed by people taking public transport throughout the day.

Billboard advertising is a multi-billion industry in Kenya. So just how much are you charged on billboard ads?

The billboard operators will charge between sh160,000 to sh200,000 a month. The amount usually varies depending on the location size and the demand. Advertising firms usually pay an annual levy of sh350,000 for each billboard. This is a big revenue earner for City Hall since it contributes over sh800 million a year in their revenue.

Rapid, High-Impact Outdoor Avertising

Every business understands the need for instant impact and instant response and make a point of looking for the highest billboard printing resolution to ensure an impressive end product.

Whilst there is fierce competition when it comes to billboards, there is also many benefits and high rewards. Using the right design and quality graphics, you can create a product that will successfully catch the eye of a wide audience and share your brand message. Billboards also benefit from the fact that many people go the same route and will repeatedly see your message. They are a classic advertising technique for a reason – they work.

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