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As soon as you visit the website of ExpatPrint.co.ke, it is known that you agree to the privacy policy that is described there. The ExpatPrint.co.ke knows the fact that the data which the customers and users provide with is sensitive and thus, is managing the privacy of customers under strict conditions. The assurance that the information which is provided for the process of the order or any other relevant matter regarding the delivery details will not be revealed to any third party user is 100%. It will only be used to serve the purpose which it is attained for which is the fulfillment of the delivery and moreover, to contact the customers in case of any problem. Other than this, we suggest that the website should not be used under the age of 14 and we never purposely take information from the children who are under this certain age.

Although, in matters intersecting with the law, our own safety and of the other customers and visitors who visit us, we will reveal your information. Moreover, we will also disclose your information if we think that it is ethically and morally just to present certain details when abided by court orders and the judicial proceedings.

The collection of information and the use:

There are different areas of our site and servers of the web which collect the useful and sensitive information of the users and customers. There are log files containing the domain name of the visitor, the internet provider address (the IP address), name of the browser and its version, the date/time of visiting the website, the exit pages of the web, click count and the information regarding the geographic and demographic information. All of this information is used to create the existing trends. Moreover, the email address of the visitor is not added into the log files.

The ExpatPrint.co.ke always gathers the data which is provided on the website by the users willingly. They always willingly provide with the email address, shipping address, phone number, name, and all other data which is either personal or is their business information. Whenever a purchase is made through the website, the credit card information is given, and by doing so, you authorize us to make purchases and process your requests or transactions from your banks. Rest assured, the information that is provided is only used to process the transactions for the products or the service that you request. Users and customers can always change their personal information.

Our policy holds us from sharing all this personal and business information which is provided by the users and the customers to any third parties. The only way this information can be used is to reach the consumers out, to market them the products, and to tell them about the promotions. There is always an option of unsubscribing the emails and text messages if the consumers do not want to see any kind of approaches from the ExpatPrint.co.ke


It is one of the highest priorities to keep the personal and business information of our users as private as it can be. All kinds of measures are taken in order to prevent unauthorized entrée or the use of this personal/business information either online or offline. The access to the user’s information is always prohibited and is also restricted in our office spaces.

ExpatPrint.co.ke uses the highest level of security in terms of data security which is the SSL or also known as the Secure Socket Layer. Though this encryption verifies safety, the internet is never safe. Hence, there is always a chance of hacking.


It is a small piece of data which is basically sent over the internet and is also saved in the user’s computer, laptop, tablet or phone. It keeps the record of the customer browsing history. The ExpatPrint.co.ke use these to add to the experience of the users of websites and customers too. It will allow you to use the website is a specific individual, and it will also relate to the information in servers and records. For using your browser and the website effectively, these cookies need to be enabled.


It is possible that our website contains links that are related to another website. To make it sure, at www.expatprint.co.ke, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites. Reading the privacy policy of every website is encouraged by us. As soon as our users leave our website to another, make it a habit of reading the policies first.

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