Why Is Billboard Advertisement Important?


Kenya is on the move, spending more time in transit and less time in the home. As such, our mobile society makes outdoor advertising an important and effective means of getting messages in front of people’s eyes. Billboards can be an effective way to generate name or product recognition with traveling consumers
Mobile Audience Placing an ad on a billboard that includes a company name and a memorable image of a product or service stays visible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. These mobile consumers see billboards every day while traveling for business or pleasure. Within your market, you can find out how many people pass by certain intersections or on certain thoroughfares to determine roughly where ad-space hot spots exist.
Billboard History and Evolution The first billboards were leased in the 1860s, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of Kenya. Over the course of 150 years, billboards have evolved to incorporate computerized graphics on recyclable vinyl. Special effects, including three-dimensional digital graphics, are becoming more prevalent in outdoor advertising.
Cost-Effectiveness Although the cost to design and manufacture a billboard can be expensive, the exposure garnered from the advertising often begins the minute after installing the billboard. According to “The Small Business Guide 2011 Edition,” billboards range in size from 5 by 11 feet to 14 by 48 feet. With strategic placement, billboards can generate ample business. In some instances, such as restaurant billboard advertising, billboards can pique a consumer’s interest and provide driving directions to boot, resulting in direct and nearly immediate sales.
Effective Billboard Advertising Because consumers usually get just a fleeting glimpse of a billboard, a business must design the advertisement to be simple and bold. A picture showing the biggest benefit of your product or service along with up to seven words makes the most effective billboard, according to “Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide.” Additionally, purchasing between six and 10 billboards located near each other creates the most effective awareness-building advertising campaign, according to “Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide” authors.

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