Can I Just Do Inbound Marketing for Brand Promotion in Kenya?


Is it okay if I just do inbound marketing to promote your business in Kenya? And I would suggest it’s not. This is why.

If You write good content on your brand or business, and you’re really excited about it, and then you post it and you sitting there really waiting for people to find it – but I can really accelerate that process if I’m able to use the traditional media, where I start advertising on social media outlets, on different websites, or even buy some paid ads in some trade publications.

In Kenyan marketing environment, you need to create really engaging one-to-one communication with them such that they continue engaging with your brand directly.

Hope that helps! I don’t think inbound marketing works alone but hand in hand with other marketing channels like print, Packaging or even paid online advertising.

It should never be ignored, even though. The East African Business Environment is going digital; may be you can approach it as a long term goal.

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